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Open code. Open data. Open access

Open Source

The source for is on Github, available under an open source license.

Community-Driven Data

All data is available under a Creative Commons Zero open license.

Documented API replicates the API. It is currently read-only, with more features coming soon.

We want to build the best service for sharing product data

And we can't do it without you

Work on the open source project. Fork the code, create pull requests, log bug reports or suggest news features over at the Github project.

Add to the database. What products do you have in arms reach? Even entering data for one or two items you find around the home or your office helps us expand the database. Create an account and start contributing.

Thank You

Just by using our site you're helping us to improve the service.

We'd also like to shout out to the people who have helped get this project off the ground.

In particular we want to acknowledge the work done by @ankane, for his efforts in the development of the Datakick service that inspired

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